First steps on snow

Balance Discover the sensation of sliding on snow

short descents down the slope

Basics of the snowplough


How to put on and take off skis

How to pick oneself up off the ground

Walk up a slight incline

Use of chair and button lifts

Linking snowplough turns on gentle slopes


Side step up a gentle slope

Get up alone after a fall

Maintaining balance on bumps, dips and little jumps

Use of chair and button lifts

Mastering a snowplough turn followed by a parallel traverse on a green slope.


Turning steps on gentle slopes

Skating steps

Traversing across a slope (using edges)

Control of posture and balance with poles

Starting a turn in a snowplough and come skidded ‘hockey’ stop on green slopes.


Rounded skid turns and side slipping

Traversing on varied terrain, crossing dips and bumps

Control of posture when skiing (body position and movements)

Parallel turns on blue slopes


Straight running with a skidded stop

Use of vertical movement to commence turns

Short radius turns on red slopes

General posture control

Control of parallel turns on red runs


Improvement of all types of turns on black slopes

Short radius stop

Introduction to carving

Introduction to slalom

Freestyle initiation in the snowpark


Improvement of technique on red and black slopes

Control of short radius turns on red slopes

Introduction to off-piste skiing

Introduction of off-piste safety equipment

Risks and dangers in the mountains


Short radius turns on black slopes

Controlling speed off-piste

Put on my own off-piste mountain safety equipment

Get up on alone following a fall off-piste


Controlled short radius turns on black slopes

Short radius rhythmic turns, off-piste

Comprehensive use of the off-piste safety equipment

Recognition of different types of snow

Adapting to more technically challenging off-piste routes

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