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Avoriaz ski freestyle ski school with Evolution 2

Freedom is the watchword of freestyle, but even with an “anything goes" attitude, a specific freestyle lesson allows you to master this practice in the safest way possible. Alone, it can be very dangerous to try to freestyle. Our professional will give you the guidance, technical advice and personalised tips so you can get started safely. Each particular course of freestyle allows you to learn what you want or what you need. Indeed, an instructor can prepare a lesson tailored to how you wish. Beginners can learn more basics, with those more experienced able to improve on current elements or learn new ones.

Avoriaz ski and snowboard freestyle

The principle of freestyle is to explore more discipline and share knowledge with other enthusiasts. With our freestyle experts in Evolution 2 Avoriaz, this extreme sport offers incredible and simply unforgettable sensations. With freestyle, experiencing the snow in this way remains unparalleled in a way that only those who have tried it can understand. During a freestyle lesson, you are immersed in a world of extreme thrills. More than a physical activity, freestyle also offers a change of scenery and environment too. Committing to this approach and practising this discipline involves a transcendence of ski and snowboard experience. With Evolution 2 you are in expert hands, offering the best way to learn freestyle quickly and safely. Be warned though, it is addictive!